Our Story

Whoville Had No Vet

Listen to my story
Of a poet world renown
And his one little oversight
Which impacted the growth
of our town.

You see, Dr. Seuss was a genius
But he did have one flaw…
He created many, many
Yet no vet to care for them all.

Now this bothered Cindy Lou
Who was still not quite two.
“Let’s go and search ourselves
We’ll find a vet for you!”

So they scurried out of Whoville
With no destination in sight
And they ended up in Chester
For some sleep and a bite.

They spoke to the folks
Who lived in the town.
“Do you know of a vet?”
Are there any around?”

The smiles shined brightly
From the children to their mothers.
“We have one right here
Who surpasses all others.”

“That’s great!” They yelled…
As they danced and cheered.
“He’s at 74 West Main Street
Where he’s been near 60 years.”

They walked to the office
In pairs of two or more.
They stood in front for a minute
Then walked through the door.

“I’ve asked and I’ve heard
You are a great vet.
Would you be so kind
To care for my pets?”

“I will, I will, I will,” he said,
As he patted the top
Of her silly little head
I’ll cure the ill, the aches, the sneezes,
I’ll keep you a night…
Whomever it pleases.”

Then he broke into laughter,
song and dance
And he shouted these words
During his tippy-toe prance…

“I’ll cross the great mountains and tread the high seas
I’ll live underground
Or up in the trees.

I’ll care for the horses,
the dogs, the cats.
I’ll care for the ferrets,
the rabbits, the rats.

No reptiles or goats please
But certainly hamsters and mice.
I’ll even provide emergency care
Now, isn’t that nice?

I’ll stand on my head
Or flip on my back…”
And that’s when the Doc
Stopped dead in his track.

They were all in his room,
Lined up…one, two, three
“Oh God,” he thought,
“They’re staring at me!”

And surely they were
For they knew not what to think
Doctor Dave cleared his throat And turned a deep shade of pink.

“Well then,” he said,
“I think we should begin.”
And the Doc cured them all
From their toes to their chin.

He sat back in his chair
Admiring the job well done.
And he spoke a few words
As he gazed at the setting sun.

“I’ve cured the cat, the lorax, the thneads.
I’ve seen Horton’s , Yertle’s, and everyone’s needs.
I’d like to go home now
If you don’t mind…
Please turn off the lights
If you’d be so kind.”

“No problem, Doc”
They all said together…
“We’re moving here to Chester For what could be better?”

If you ask them why today
Their anwers’ the same, I bet
They found their home
In Chester
‘Cause Whoville had no vet.’

So, reader, if you’re looking for
a vet
For Spot, Socks, or Lester…
Need I say more?
There’s a great one here
in Chester!

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